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(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday

on June 13, 2018
Sammi puppy taking a break from driving.

Sammi taking a break from driving.

Sammi puppy in the driver's seat, looking at the camera

Let’s roll!

I’m tired! Dog tired! hahaha (Sammi is not amused by my jokes.)

Why so tired? I’ve been getting quite a bit of freelance work. This is great, because extra money. My boyfriend wants to travel so this is definitely helpful, but oof. This week I’m feeling burned out. It’s hard going to the day job and then essentially working a second job.

Adding to my overall tiredness, last weekend was my brother’s wedding/vow renewal ceremony. In the weeks prior to that were three graduations, two of which were out of town. I had fun at all of them, but my goodness am I ever glad to have some quieter weekends coming up. Again, I enjoyed the family time, but it can be really draining. I’m still processing it. It’s weird, as I’ve gotten older, to see how the family dynamics change. Maybe it’s that they were always that way and as we get older people put on fewer airs? Regardless, it reinforces (to me, at least) how important chosen family is. 🙂

Now I’ve got to prep for an eight-hour meeting. Ahhh!!

2 responses to “(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Well, you can’t complain about being bored, can you? 🙂

  2. Hopefully the travel you want to go on is restful

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