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Monday Musings

1) Today is the first day in a week that I haven’t taken any sort of decongestant or anti-mucous OTC meds, yahoo. The bug I had came on fast but I’m thankful it’s only lasted about a week. That’s still not a short time, but given my history with viruses, that’s pretty darn good.

The only downside is it knocked down my motivation to zero. Some days I could do only the bare minimum (thank you, constant cough) and other days when I seemed to feel better (i.e., I wasn’t coughing my head off), I still had no energy whatsoever. So I’m glad to be feeling more with it and motivated.

Grizzy kitty walking by my black cat slippers

The Slim G and matching slippers.

2) I love, love, love these slippers. I bought them from a thrift store, a fact that makes me love them even more. Brand new, they run about $60 at LL Bean! I’d say they are a wise investment at that price, though; they have rubber bottoms so you can walk outside and are wool, so they’re warm. I rotate them with a pair of soft-soled bootie slippers, but I still wear them almost every day.

Sammi wrapped up in a fuchsia fleece blanket

Sammi likes to be as snug as a bug in a rug.

3) Sammi is over the snow and cold. Our old girl turned 14 last month and while she bounds around like a puppy when we walk, she’s very content to snuggled up under the covers when we’re indoors. Yesterday was sunny and not *so* extremely cold and she took the opportunity to hang outside for a bit enjoying a warm patch.

4) I’ve declared this a year of finishing knitting projects. I need to finish two scarves and a hat. After that I plan to knit a Carbeth sweater, but that may be an early fall project. The past week I haven’t wanted to do anything, but I’m trying to be more purposeful and actively do more fun “for me” hobbies this year, so last night I cast on one of the scarves. It felt really good.

5) Totally random, but this year is the first year I’ve had to write out a check for taxes because of my freelance work last year. I guess I felt kind of professional? haha It’s been a lot of work, but I’m grateful to have it.

There you have it! I’m going to go home and try and get a few smaller tasks done tonight, but come tomorrow, I plan to be back to 100%! We’ll see if that happens. 🙂

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