The Rosie Bee

Starring Grizzy and Sophie

Sophie’s new window perch

on May 19, 2019

The cats love to look out the windows, and I love a deal, so hurrah for finding this excellent window perch at Aldi!

Enjoying some fresh air.

Checking out the outdoor action.

It was eight dollars and change and works great. As you can see, Sophie is enjoying it. Occasionally Grizzy will go up there, but for the most part Sophie has claimed it. I’m so happy they like it!

In other news, I am so happy we’ve finally gotten some nice spring/summer weather. It feels really good–mentally and emotionally. I commented to my boyfriend that the past few days I’ve felt *good*, which was surprising because I didn’t think I felt bad before. However, it’s a significant change. This “good” feeling is probably the best I’ve felt in months. It’s kind of strange. Maybe it was a hard winter? Maybe I was overextending myself? Maybe I didn’t have a good attitude? Not sure, but a) I’m really thankful for it, and b) it’s something I should probably be mindful of in case it changes.

Now I’m sleepy and I see the kitties are napping on the bed so I think I might join them. 🙂

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