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2020 in (brief) review

on January 3, 2021


It’s been a while, but I’ve missed blogging so I thought I’d try it again. It will be nice to have a digital memory of this year (if I keep it up, haha), so here goes.

Despite pandemic-related challenges and concerns, 2020 wasn’t a bad year for me personally, maybe because 2019 was my low point of a year. (Seriously, I get anxious just thinking of 2019! Although my boyfriend has sagely noted that he’s learned the most through difficult times and that is certainly true for that year. Thanks to a lot of self-work and some supportive friends, 2019 ended on a positive note and I carried that positivity – and a fresh mindset – into 2020.)

While 2020 was not a normal year, I tried to focus on some good things. I took the opportunity to sew a bit, knit a bit, garden a bit, lots of “bits.” I really enjoyed those things and would like to capture them here and really, share more with a digital community of friends.

I may share more of my 2021 plans in a later post, but a quick Friday Five seems like a good way to wrap up this first post:

What was the best thing about 2020?
For me, 2020 really emphasized what is important.

Things that I appreciated throughout were my job, Body Pump, getting the courage to try more complex sewing and knitting projects, trying my hand at gardening, and slowing down overall. Of course, my little family (boyfriend, furkids) and good friends were at the top of the list.

One of my favorite events from 2020 is camping with some old friends. It was nice to get outside and see people in a safe, socially distanced way.

What lessons from 2020 will you carry into 2021?
This is one I reflected on quite a bit in late 2019, but it also carried over into 2020: Just because you’ve known someone for a long time doesn’t mean you should keep them in your life or give that relationship your time or energy.

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve?
LOL at home, like a lot of people I’m guessing. 🙂

Legend says what you did at midnight on New Year’s Eve/Day is what you’ll do all year. So what did you do?
Had a little bit of champagne, said “Happy New Year!”, and watched a neighbor light off a couple fireworks.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?
Not working as much. I still have my day job, but I made the decision to cut down on freelance work so I can have a better work/life balance. On that note, I’m looking forward to being creative, getting stronger and healthier, trying new recipes, and reading more.

I also hope I can camp in the Badlands this summer. (It’s one of those things that was planned for 2020, but pandemic.) I got some walking poles for Christmas and am excited to try them out!

There you go! Here is to a new year and good things.

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