The Rosie Bee

Starring Grizzy and Sophie

Terrific Tuesday

I’ve been having a rough time as of late. There are lots of good thing, but there is one not-so-good thing that is really not-so-good. I found myself getting into a bad funk this morning so I’ve decided to try and turn it around with Terrific Tuesday!

Sophie and Grizzy snuggled on bed

I think these two are pretty terrific.

What else is terrific?
1) I found a sweet chest of drawers for my living room. It’s not big; about the size of a little table. I hope to paint it this weekend using chalk paint, which I’ve not done before. I can’t wait!
2) I’ve been doing some freelance work, which is super. I hope it leads to more!
3) The Sweltering Season (aka summer) hasn’t been so bad in Casa de Bee. A few months ago I was hell-bent on getting out next year and now I think if I do, great; if not, this really is a nice place to live. I enjoy being in walking distance of so many things. I enjoy being able to walk at night. Little things like that are actually big things.

Three good things for today and there are so many more, to be sure. And hopefully more on the horizon.


Table refinishing

I like to refinish/refurbish/muck-up furniture. I’m currently in the middle of my first spray-painting adventure. This needs a couple more coats, but due to rainy weather, it’s hanging out in my basement. My hope is that the weather will cooperate this weekend and I’ll be able to finish it!

There’s no “before” picture, but suffice to say, the tabletop was dark brown and the base was black.

I like the contrast of the two black kitties on it. 🙂

Two kitties on a table

Two kitties on a table


Friday Fun – Bathroom shelves

I really like essential oils, and I really like nail polish (although ironically, I don’t wear it very often). I’m also space-challenged in my current place. And have I mentioned I like making, painting, crafting stuff? I decided I could find something that would help, so I went on the hunt.

One day while wandering around the web I saw some shelving ideas for holding oils, nail polish, and assorted odds and ends. These shelves from IKEA seemed to fit the bill perfectly:

IKEA shelves

Only $4 each!

I could have ordered them online, but my sister and I decided to have a day trip to our “local” IKEA, which is a few hours away. It was fun puttering around the store and I squealed when I found my shelves–for only $3.99!

Assembly was a snap. I planned on spray painting them, but our friend Rene from It’s All About the Cats kindly offered us some beautiful craft paint. I chose this shimmery pearl color. It’s soft and pretty and makes me so darn happy! Really, it’s the little things that make life good. 🙂

Last night my brother helped me hang the shelves, as I’ve never used screws and those plastic thingamabobbers that go into drywall. Now I know how! ::flexes:: As soon as they were up, I loaded up my nail polishes, oils, and face and hair products. I have so much more room in my linen closet now. And everything I use on a fairly often basis is organized and within easy reach. Love!