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Thrifty Thursday – Gift edition

Last week was my birthday (hurrah!) and my friend Rene gave me a lovely cat-themed gift. It also was a thrift store find! 😀

Cat plaque with poem.

So very true.

I love it for many reasons. One, the calico reminds me of my Rosie. I have such a soft spot for those cuties. Also, the poem is so perfect. Grizzy is such a baby and no matter where I am, there he is–usually on me. And the “I’m not yours – you’re all mine!” is so Sophie.

It’s a beautiful plaque and looks great hanging up. I love that such great items–in mind condition!–can be found at thrift stores.


Pumpkin posin’

Or, Sophie with the Jack-o-Lantern. 🙂

I'll just let the pumpkin peek out...

I’ll just let the pumpkin peek out…

No we the see pumpkin's face, but Sophie sees something else.

No we the see pumpkin’s face, but Sophie sees something else.

A perfect pumpkin picture!

A perfect pumpkin picture!

Per request, here is Miss Sophie with the awesome jack-o-latern I got at a local thrift store! I so love thrifting. I like the thrill of the hunt, but I also like the idea of re-using or repurposing things. It goes to show that even when someone no longer has use for something, there is still a lot of love in it.

I want to add, last week was one of those terrible, horrible, no good weeks. But I’m sitting here on Sunday night typing this and I feel really good. This weekend offered me a wonderful respite and a time to reset. I am very thankful.

Have a wonderful week!


I apologize for the radio silence. I wanted to see how things with Grizzy were post-holistic vet. Things are going good (paws crossed) but I wanted to remember a friend today.


Rene from About the Cats was proud mommma to Tucker for 16 wonderful years. It’s always hard to lose a beloved pet, but when you have so many years and so many memories, the loss is felt that much more, and words are inadequate.

Run free, dear Tucker. You’ll be forever in our hearts.


Happy Mother’s Day


I saw this and thought it was the sweetest sentiment. How true! My cats are my babies, plain and simple. I know a lot of people think this is silly. I’m sure there are people who roll their eyes and think “She doesn’t have ‘real’ kids, so she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” My cats–my babies–are part of my family and I love them as I love my people family, period.

So to all the cat (and pet) moms, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

In vet news, Grizzy had some blood work done; we should get the results tomorrow (Monday). It was a little frustrating, because the last time he was in was for a tapeworm, so his weight was low (9 lbs). Yesterday it registered at 9.125 pounds (lower than my reading of 9.2 pounds). Going off of his last weight–when he had a parasite–to this current weight, the vet noted, “Well, he’s actually gained weight.” It took a few times of explaining “He had a tapeworm, he gained quite a bit of weight after that,” etc. I was also told to weight him and see if his weight changes…to which I had to explain I had been doing that; that’s how I knew he was losing weight. (His highest weight was about 9.8 lbs. He seemed to find a happy medium at 9.6 lbs.)

Both the vet and the assistant commented on how shiny his coat was, how he had a very good temperament (“Usually cats are a little more skittish”), and how everything else looked good. I’m not sure what is causing his weight loss, but I hope to have some answers come tomorrow. At least he appears to be healthy, and some obvious bad things don’t immediately jump out.

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Synchronized grooming



Quite possibly two of my favorite photos of the BBs. 🙂 There are actually three in the set, but my phone camera is not cooperating.

In other news, I feel like I’ve been negative lately. I hate it when I realize that…it’s very disappointing. I don’t think I’m generally a negative person, but I think some work drama and negative people have brought me down. (I know a few, ah, “cooler than thou” folk at work who dismiss me as “Oh, that single chick that has cats and lives in the ‘burbs.”Can you imagine if they knew I get the vast majority of my clothes from thrift stores? The horror! lol)

Sometimes it’s hard to feel like the odd man out…and sometimes it’s just hard not to let someone else’s constant negativity drain you.

So it’s really great to spend some time with someone who is very positive and fun and down to earth. And understands what it’s like to love your kittehs so very much! It really puts things in perspective and helps me shake off the negative ick. I’m very lucky to have a good life and great friends. (And, of course, amazing furkids!)

Here is to the truly important things in life. 🙂


Forgot to add…

Welcome, Grizzy!

Welcome, Grizzy!

This card to Grizzy’s adoption story!

When I adopted Grizzy, my friend Rene sent this sweet, sweet card. Every time I look at it I break out in a huge smile. The kitty is just so adorable. And it’s just so perfect, because it’s my Grizzy! He’s such a little baby and the cat on the card totally reminds me of him. I’m so glad he’s my baby, and I love him, as well as this card. This is something I will always keep, and whenever I need a smile, all I need to do is look at it (and then give my G a squeeze).



Happy Memorial Day everyone! Thank you to all who have served and the families who have supported them. I have quite a few family members who have been in the service and/or a war, so I am happy there is a national day of remembrance.

It’s been a very nice, thoughtful day. I’ve been reflecting on how thankful I am. If nothing else, I am thankful for REST! This semester was rough, to say the least, with my class (I’m sure there are a LOT of people who are thrilled they don’t have to hear me go on and on about “that stupid paper”), and then there was the work situation (but I’m still thankful I have a job – and I really love my job!)…but most of all, it was really, really, really tough with my Rosie getting sick and then me having to let her go.

All that in only five months!!

It’s definitely been an emotional time, and I am so thankful for those who have been so supportive during this time. I appreciate you all so much! This is such an amazing community with some amazing people and I feel fortunate to be here. 🙂

On that note, look at what I got from my friend Roberta!

Rosie Magnet

Rosie Bee magnet

Isn’t it beautiful? I just love it – I love how there are roses and a bee, and of course, my sweet girl Rosie Bee. It warms my heart every time I see it. Thank you again, Roberta!