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Working on those butt grooves…

I used to have an old chair that I absolutely loved. I still have it, but now it’s in the basement and is used primarily by my boyfriend when he games. Win-win. 🙂

At any rate, first my Rosie and then Grizzy took up residence on the top of the back cushion, so often in fact that the cushion had a permanent “V”-shaped dent in it. Our friend Rene commented that Grizzy had created a “butt groove” in it and that cracks me up because it was so funny and so true!

Dent in process.

Fast forward to today and we have a new chair and ta-da! Grizzy has once again claimed a spot atop the cushion. It’s not quite permanently dented yet, but whenever I see him there I want to sing, in the spirit of Bob Seger’s “Night Moves,” G’s working on those butt grooves…. 😀

In other news, I have a little datebook and I’ve been writing down daily to-dos. Many times they contain errands but I’ve been making a point to include to-do’s like “knit” and “blog” and “run.” It’s not a perfect system, but it reminds me that I need to do more things for me and my own personal enjoyment. A lot of times lately I feel like I’m just working on freelance stuff. I’m happy to say I can check off “blog” from the list and it really feel good – not just checking it off, but blogging. I miss it and am trying to do more of it.

Which brings me to my next point: My laptop isn’t quite at death’s door, but it’s slowing down considerably. At least two keys stick pretty badly, which makes typing clunky so I’ve been using my computer for “have to do’s” (like work) and not “want-to-do’s” (like blogging) because by the time I get to the latter I’m exhausted from work and how putzy this thing is.

I’ve had this laptop since April 2015, so it’s been a little over four years. Not too bad for a laptop, I guess. I think my last one made it close to five years but toward the end it was really chugging along. It took a looong time to boot up, much like this one!

So now I wonder, do I get another laptop (cheaper than a desktop setup; familiar; takes up less space) or do I bite the bullet and get a desktop (much more ergonomic; I could get a bigger screen; it’s easier to do certain tasks while sitting at a desk).

It’s tough because I can see pros and cons to both. One option I’m considering is a Surface Pro because it seems to do double-duty. What’s unfortunate is no matter what, it’s a chunk of change I wasn’t quite expecting to spend. It was always one of those “I’ve got time” things and now it’s suddenly “Nope, the time is now!” And this doesn’t quite seem like an emergency-fund purchase to me; more like a necessary evil. :p Oh, well. I know it’s time to do some serious thinking and price comparison-shopping.

You know what’s funny too? I scrolled through the blog to see when I bought this computer and I saw pictures of my old apartment and got sentimental. Sometimes I really miss that place. It was such a great little space, really lovely and full of memories.

Anyhow…good night, all! 🙂

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Wondering Wednesday

I am trying to do more with analytics, add them to the site so I can learn for work.

I’m also trying to do more with blogging, but I think I’d like to chat more about thrifting, share my projects (like the sweater I’m knitting), while also chatting about the cats (of course!) and Sammi, too. That seems to be where I’m going lately, and honesty I think if I give myself that leeway I’m more likely to blog.

I have a non-wordpress URL for The Rosie Bee. I’ve tried to move all my files over and I seem to get them there but then it kind of…stops. I must be missing a step, even though it appears I’m following directions to a T.

What do y’all think?

Do I start fresh with OR do I try and move everything over? This site would still stay up, just inactive.

Bonus question: Would you be interested if I talked about things I’ve done and am doing (like knitting, thrifting), in addition to pics and stories about the cats and Sammi? Or would you be “eh.”

G looking serious right up in my face.

Serious G needs to know.

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The G and his chair

I snapped these pics of Grizzy a few weeks ago. He was in his usual spot on the chair that looks out the window. He sits there so often the cushion has a permanent butt-groove! 😀

Grizzy sitting in his butt-groove chair

You can see the “V” indent he’s made.

The G definitely chills out a lot, but he has very concentrated bursts of fiestiness. Like, he will tear after Sophie for a good half hour! Sophie seems to have smaller, more frequent bursts of playfulness and energy, whereas G powers up for some super intense play sessions. It’s so interesting, how their personalities are different!

Grizzy with a big yawn showing teeth.

Look at those teeth! 😀

And on a different note…
In my last post I mentioned “project paralysis” and this weird low-grade anxiety. Well, guess what? It turns out I’ve been on the wrong dose of thyroid medication. The pharmacy filled the wrong dose (from a now-outdated prescription) and I didn’t check it (I only checked that I had the right kind of medication).

I’ve had a bunch of other symptoms that I’ve brushed off as stress-related, seasonal, etc., etc., but now it all makes sense. So here is my PSA: Check your medication! Not just that you have the correct type, but also the correct dosage.

Fingers crossed that I feel like my old self soon!

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Grizzy at the window

Grizzy at the window pane

I wonder what’s out there?

I spied the G-cat at the window the other day and was lucky enough to snap a picture. He was there for quite a while. I wonder what he was looking at? I’m so glad he has more perches and windows to gaze out of now. 🙂


Oh, my silly G

It’s been a Monday, all right. But I am here, I have my health, I have a job (that I really enjoy), I have kitties…the list goes on.

Sometimes when I’m having a meh day, it’s nice–no, wonderful–to look back at those silly moments that make me smile. Like the other day, when I was cleaning up and I heard my fella whisper, “Hey, check this out.” I turned to look at him and he had this expression of confusion and laughter on his face. I then looked to where he was gesturing and saw Grizzy, peacefully sleeping, in a neat faceplant position.

Grizzy faceplanting in his sleep 1

Grizzy faceplanting in his sleep 2

It was so cute, both the G’s pose and my boyfriend’s confusion and amusement. Those are moments I absolutely treasure. 🙂


Grizzy’s Gotcha Day #4

It’s been four years since I adopted my little dude Grizzy! In some ways it feels like it’s been way longer because so much has changed. Not to mention, he feels like he’s been with me forever. 🙂

He is always ready for a good rub and will cry for me to pick him up and pet him. His motor is usually going strong.

He’s still a slim, trim G. Dude definitely likes to sleep but when he’s up, he’s got the energy of a kitten.

He’s adapted well to our new abode. In fact, I was in the basement doing laundry and heard some noise and, well, if you squint you can see him playing up in the rafters. I promptly had a mini-heart attack and shooed him down. That rascal.

Grizzy in the basement rafters 1

Grizzy in the basement rafters 2

Grizzy in the basement rafters 3

I love you, sweet baby G! ❤


Wordless Wednesday

Sleepy G on his cat tree

Sleepy G.

Sleepy G on his cat tree 2

You rang?

*Note: After taking these pictures I was all “Mister, we are taking you to the barber shop!” meaning we trim his nails. 🙂 I’m very fortunate in that I can do it right there and he doesn’t fuss a bit.


Workout Wednesday – Kitteh edition

Every time I try to work out in my living room, I am accosted by kitties. Usually Sophie will camp out on my yoga mat, although sometimes she’ll watch me from the couch. Grizzy, however, always gets in on the action. Oh, my little lovebug. ❤

Grizzykitty stepping on my weights

Grizzykitty headbutting me on the yoga mat


Easy like Sunday morning

I was up pretty early this morning, especially for a Sunday, so I started cleaning. Since my winter break I’ve been on a bit of a clean/sort/purge spree. I had started that waaay back when I read the Konmari method book. Some of it was a little kooky imo, but some of it made so much sense to me. For example, she’s a big proponent of a place for everything and once you are done using an item, return it to it’s place immediately. I struggle with misplacing things all the time so I found this practice quite helpful.

At any rate, last year got away from me and so did my attempts to be organized. I’m not a huge shopper, but I love thrifting and usually find some great items so while useful and fun, that was more stuff I added to my humble abode but didn’t find a place for it. I think you see where this is going. 🙂

Thankfully, life started calming down and slowly but surely I started getting back into those habits and routines, which is why I’ve been on a slow-but-steady organizing kick. And this time it seems to be working!

Of course, the cats know it is their job to a) wake up me, b) interrupt my cleaning to tell me it’s time to play with them, and c) sack out after playtime is over and snooze away as I return to cleaning. That is what is happening with them right now. I present Grizzy:

grizzy on cat stand 0117

grizzy on cat stand 2 0117

grizzy on cat stand 3 0117

grizzy on cat stand 4 0117

It’s a cat’s life.

Have a wonderful week!

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Grizzy’s Gotcha Day – #3!

It’s Grizzy’s gotcha day! Three years ago I brought him home from a local rescue. I had seen him the day before and knew he was “the one” when he jumped up on my lap in the visiting room. I will forever remember that time in my life as one of the happiest. ❤

Happy Gotcha Day, Grizzy!

Grizzy on my mending pile
Grizzy Hanging out on a hot day.

Hanging out on a hot day.

Grizzy Lounging after catching a mouse.

Lounging after catching a mouse.