The Rosie Bee

Starring Grizzy and Sophie

Grizzy taco

Grizzy taco

Grizzy taco.

I love this picture. I like how green Grizzy’s eye is and how he is wrapped up in the blanket like a little taco. 🙂

Things have been good and while I’ve been a little behind on things, I’m starting to get back into a good routine. I hope to update about that a little later this week, but for now, I wanted to actually get a post up and not think about doing it. So in a few moments this post will go live, hurrah!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Post-holiday greetings

The TRB team took a little break from blogging and the internets the past week, but we all hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I am one of those people who absolutely loves Christmas, but I always end up getting a touch of the holiday blues. Weird, I know. I think The Bloggess put it very nicely when she talked about weird expectations and sometimes our brains misfire. Point being, I understand it’s not always the most wonderful time of the year for people, but I do hope your time was wonderful and you took good care of yourself. 🙂

I ended up taking care of myself by being productive yesterday! I made five gallons of laundry detergent (I think I’m set for 2016), sorted through some clothes to donate, vacuumed extensively, scrubbed by stove top coils, cooked some soup, and watched my brother hang a coat rack. I watched to learn: as I told him, I’m not 100% confident of how to find studs, when to use those butterfly/anchor hooks in drywall, etc. I knew I could try but I didn’t want to end up with a zillion holes in my wall before I figured it out. Now I know and I have a nifty new coat rack to book. More things on the walls = more room! I love it.

Grizzy in the kitchen wanting me to pet him

Momma, it is time to pet me!

Grizzy is quite the baby (and I love him for that) and decided I wasn’t spending enough time with him, so he proceeded to flop down by my feet and roll around the kitchen floor. It was quite endearing. After I took my laundry soap to the basement and popped my stovetop coils back on, we settled down to watch A Chef’s Life. It’s a wonderful life, indeed.

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Those Mondays, always lurking around the corner…

Grizzy in the hallway


Grizzy in the hallway 2


Grizzy in the hallway 3

DUN!!! It’s Monday!

Not gonna lie, that’s how Monday felt this weekend. Now that it’s here, let’s make it a good one. You hear that Universe? I and a lot of others need some good news this week. Let’s make this happen! 🙂



Grizzy flopped out on bed

De flop.

The past few weeks have left me wiped out, much like the G-man above. But there are always good things, like my two small fries. 🙂 There are also good things called the weekend! So happy about that. I’m looking forward to a couple days of resetting and giving thanks for all the good in my life. I also hope to queue up some posts because my camera is filled with kitteh pictures that need to get on the interwebs!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Argh Part 16543514364

Honestly, my life is not always a series of dark clouds and traumatic events, but lately it feels that way. I know this is simply a rough patch and it will get better but man. Can it please get a little better soon! Can’t I go back to Friday or whenever that was and feel like I have a handle on things again?


To completely switch gears, here is a picture of Grizzy:

G Getting comfy on the comforter pile.

Getting comfy on the comforter pile.

I got up really early yesterday and was productive because in times of strife, feeling like I did something as mundane as cleaning my kitchen is a win. So I got up, made a list of to-dos, cleaned my house, and did laundry, which meant I stripped the beds. G promptly climbed up the bedding mountain and settled in for a nap. It cracks me up how they will spot something “new” (in this case, the blankets wadded up) and stake their claim.

Oh, to be a carefree kitty like G.

I almost forgot! We have a new outside visitor and he’s a slightly more padded version of G! All black and a little bulkier compared to the slim G. We all saw him/her last night. This means I’ll have to stop at the store for extra cat food…


Two years since I met Grizzy

Grizzy on his cat ledge

It’s been two years since I first met this handsome guy.

Today is a big day. Two years ago today, I went to MADACC over my lunch hour. I saw two handsome kitties pawing at their cube windows and I decided to meet them. After I met the first guy, a black kitty with amber eyes, I thought “How can I choose? He’s really great…”. I started to stress and I literally sent up a prayer asking God to give me a sign.

The adoption assistant put Mr. Amber Eyes back and got Grizzy for me. G and I went into a room and he explored everything. I pet him a bit and brushed off what seemed to be endless amounts of fur. He, too, was pretty great so I worried a bit about who I would choose; I knew both would be super companions, but I also knew I was only ready for one at that point.

Suddenly G jumped into my lap and curled himself into a bun. He was there for a few seconds–it was like he was testing out my lap. Satisfied, he jumped off and continued to explore the room. I knew then I had my sign; Grizzy was coming home with me. I’d have to wait until the next day to make it official, but I started the paperwork and set up a time to pick him up.

It’s been two years since I first saw my little G-man. I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly! So many things have changed since then: bosses, jobs, friendships. Life is good now, but I will always remember that time as such a happy, peaceful, blessed period in my life. 🙂



The G-man was hunkered down on my bed the other day and I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of all those little toes!

G jelly beans

All those jelly beans!

G extreme close up of toes

Extreme close up.

Every time I see those healthy toes I think of when I first adopted him. His pads were covered in a whitish-cast, they were cracked and didn’t look good. Of course, when the shelter got him, he was full of bugs and mites and had worms, so obviously his body was very malnourished. It makes my heart feel full to see his healthy toes today!


Wonderful Wednesday

Once again, I need something good to focus on and when Connie suggested a “Wonderful Wednesday” I knew I had just the story.

Last night I came home and opened my front door. One of the cats’ litter boxes is by the door, and I heard some scratching, so I left the door open slightly. A few seconds later he was still scratching, so I thought “Did he get stuck?”

Nope. It was a mouse. I admit, I did the “ayeee!” dance because there was so much commotion. Grizzy kept trying to drop it by my feet, the mouse would play dead for a second, then it’d bolt and Grizzy would grab it again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I scrambled to find a towel big enough to cover the mouse and all I found were washcloths! (Note to self: Do laundry tonight.) I finally found a towel big enough to drop over the mouse…and then he wriggled out. Lordy. I believe he ran back out into the hallway but I’m not sure. All I know is Grizzy stayed on the scene pacing around for a bit, then chilled out there for a while, and then satisfied the mouse was gone, took a well-deserved nap:

Grizzy after mouse

Catching mice is hard work.

Grizzy out after mouse

So handsome!

I’ve two ideas how the mouse got in: 1) people have been propping the front and back doors open. Not much, but enough. It drives me nuts! (I think I’ll put up a sign, because it’s not safe but also bugs and other critters get in.) And 2) later I saw the screen in my bedroom had been popped open. The frame was never good, but it was mangled. I assume the mouse could have gotten in that way? I’m just so glad that neither of the cats go out!

The wonderful?

  • My Grizzy, the hunter and house protector! He was so proud after the mouse incident, strutting around and then laying out like, “Yeah, I’m the man(cat).”
  • Sophie has been the sweetest thing lately, comforting me when I’m stressing.
  • I love where I live. I know I said this yesterday, but I am grateful to have a solid roof over my head and a place that doesn’t mind cats! In fact, most of my neighbors really like Sophie and Grizzy. Lately I’ve been realizing how fortunate I am to have that.
  • Remember yesterday when I said there was one big not-so-great thing in my life that has to do with a place I go to every day? Well, there is also one equally wonderful thing that I am very thankful for: A family member who wasn’t in the greatest health, so to speak, has been doing really well.

    All wonderful things! I hope you all have equally wonderful Wednesdays.


    How much is that squirrel in the window?

    The other morning, I saw Grizzy atop his tower woefully looking up at the window. He was also making this sad little frustrated sounds. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

    G looking for the squirrel

    What is up or out there?

    I didn’t see any birds, there were no rabbits or chipmunks around…

    G and the squirrel window

    Eagle-eyes may see it now…

    And then I saw it.

    Squirrel in window

    See that little bump in the upper left corner? That’s our squirrel!

    The squirrel either ran up the sides of our patio doors or was hanging out from the balcony upstairs. Either way, it was pretty funny.

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    Welcome to the sweltering season

    Grizzy Squirrel Rabbit

    I love scenes like this…

    Right now I rent and right now I am in the annual “three-months-of-hell” phase. See, my apartment has boiler heat. I asked it be turned off to my unit my first year there because it was August or September and 90-some degrees. I do not joke. They did and I haven’t had to turn on my heat a single time during the years I’ve been there, no matter how cold it is outside. That’s because the hallway is always hotter than blazes. I assume I get the heat from the hallway and the people around me.

    I understand there is some schedule, so the heat doesn’t get turned off until some time in May. It’s then turned back in September. There is always a blissful two-week break where the weather is cool and I finally sleep. Then it goes into hyper-heat mode and I have to wait until October or November until I can sleep really well again. One of my neighbors asked if the maintenance people could turn off the heat, but they said they are bound to this schedule. Sigh.

    My point to all this is I haven’t slept well the last two nights. I was almost in tears of frustration this morning over “How on earth can I handle this another year?” when I looked up and saw the scene above: Grizzy, a squirrel, and a rabbit. It really warmed my heart.

    That said, I’m planning on staying there one more year so I could save up as close to 20% as possible for a down payment. Of course, I haven’t yet gotten my lease renewal. Depending on how much they increase my rent, maybe I’ll go to a month-to-month plan. Or maybe I’ll do one more year. I’m giving this serious thought because last year just about put me over the edge with the heat and the idea of going into another three months is making me anxious. I do have a wall ac unit, but it sounds like a freight train and it doesn’t circulate past the living room. (I live in a pretty old building, so the wall unit was retro-fitted.) The thing that works best, which is to say, not much, are fans. But even those do next to nothing, and I think I have a pretty high tolerance for stuff like this.

    I’m going to a seminar next week held at my bank. This should help me plan, whether I decide to buy in 6 months, a year, or even 18 months. But I’m still looking for input on house versus condo, putting down less than 20% (since loan rates are so low, is it better to put down less than 20% to lock in a good rate?), etc.

    Does anyone have any advice or pointers on preparing for buying a place? I would appreciate any input! 🙂