The Rosie Bee

Starring Grizzy and Sophie

Sophie snoozes…and stretches

Weekend, weekend…wow the time is flying by. I know I’m always saying this but I think things will slow a bit next week. A lot of the busy-ness is due to work. It’s a busy time of year and we’ve had some staff changes. I get home and I’m ready to just sit!

This weekend I went to a bootcamp/crossfit-type class. I’m still having a hard time walking, haha. I liked that it went by so quickly. I’ve been looking to kickstart a fitness routine (well, a different one than running) so I treated myself to a 6-week unlimited trial membership for $45. I hope at the next class I won’t be quite so sore.

The rest of the weekend I baked cookies with my nieces. That was nice. Sunday I cleaned up around the house and cleaned. All that to say…I didn’t do a whole lot. On one hand I feel really lazy; on the other hand, I think it was good because my cold is still hanging on. I need to remember it’s OK to rest; it’s necessary, in fact.

What’s nice is looking over and seeing one or both of the cats chilling out with me. (They certainly know rest is important!) Last night Sophie was above my head on the couch. I thought it was so cute how she grabbed onto the blanket. 🙂

Sophiekitty on the couch 1

So comfy.

Look at that precious face:

Sophiekitty on the couch 2

I just melt when I see this little face.

I also love kitty feet. I was tickled when she stretched halfway through the picture taking.

Sophiekitty on the couch 3

Kitty foot!

Sophiekitty on the couch 4


I hope you all had a nice weekend. Here’s to a productive week – including some rest. 🙂


Sophie on Sunday

Sophie kitty in the sun

Sophie loves sunning.

I think the cats really enjoy our early Sunday mornings. 🙂 As much as I would love to sleep late, they keep me on a schedule, which isn’t so bad. Early to rise means I get a lot done (in theory, haha). Early to rise means they get their run-around time and then crash out while I think “Well, as long as I’m up…”.

Today I am sick, though, ugh. I had an inkling it coming on and today last night it hit hard. I’m feeling a bit better now that I’m moving around, so fingers crossed that the ick is on its way out. Maybe I can get rid of this stack of “sort-through” papers.

In other news, I have a light pink fleece robe that I’ve had for years. Not sure how many, but it’s definitely been years. The robe has seen better days: it’s stained, there’s some paint on it, and no matter how much detergent I use, it still looks dingy.

But it’s still fine. No holes or anything, and the fabric is nice and warm, which is why I feel bad getting rid of it. But looking down I see…yeah, it’s kind of gross.

Have you ever been in this spot? What did you do with the item? Do you have any suggestions for repurposing said item – perhaps cutting it up, making cat beds (although, again, the fabric is admittedly dingy), etc.? I’m reaching the point of not wanting to wear it anymore, but I also don’t want it to go to waste.

Please send any ideas!


Sophie is shipping off!

Well, not really; we would never let that happen! 🙂

Sophie kitty in a box

Off to a great adventure? Or just a nice nap?

Last night I was prepping and wrapping some Christmas goodies. I had just finished taping the bottom of a shipping box and poof! Sophie immediately jumped in and got comfy. I think I may have to get her a shipping box of her very own. After all it’s the perfect Sophie size!


Sophie tucks in

My little Sophie loves to burrow. If there is a hole or a spot to squeeze into, she will find it. Case in point: I left my drawer open and within seconds she had jumped in. She really blended in. Good thing I saw her! 🙂

Sophie in a drawer

I spy with my little eye…


Sophie’s gotcha day!

Three years ago today I took Sophie home with me. G and I were a team, but with Sophie we became a family of three. She is a sassy girl, but also the sweetest thing. I love how she insists on snuggling up to me when I sleep or sit. It is very much on her terms, which I find so endearing. Happy gotcha day, my little floofy girl! I ❤ you.



Popping in to give thanks…

For this little munchkin:

Sophie kitty sleeping after work

Hey, I’m getting comfy!

Sophie napping after work

Time for a nap.

I love that when I come home from work and lay on my bed, she jumps up and gets right by my head. She is my little snuggle bug…on her terms, of course!


It’s Sophie’s turn for a snapshot

Sophiecat passed out

Passed out from the heat!

OK, so Sophie wasn’t passed out from the heat but it sure has been hot here lately. Hot and muggy. I cracked up when I saw the little miss crashed out like this. What a glamorous little sleeper!

The furkids are good. Lots of brushing happening (see: hot and muggy) but they are happy to have the grooming. Sophie will run toward me whenever she sees me brandishing the Furminator so it’s a win-win. 🙂

In “me” news, today is the first day in a long time I came home from work and felt like I had some energy. I take this as a good sign, that things are still getting better – not that they were bad, but yay! More energy is a good thing! I think the long weekend helped.

Now I’m off for a run because I am taking advantage of this energy!


Peeking out…

Sophiekitty hiding under umbrella

Sophie on a rainy day?

Slowly but surely, I will get back into regular blogging! 🙂


Sophie in the sink

Sophie side-eyin' in a sink.

Sophie side-eyin’ in a sink.

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of Sophie. 🙂

Things are kind of blah here lately, but the kitties sure make me happy. Especially when they do adorable thing like hang out in sinks.


Sophie turns 3!

I will update this weekend (for real! it’s on the agenda!) but for now I wanted to quickly say Happy Birthday to my sweet Sophie! My tiny furball turns three today!

Sophie the cat lounges

The lady lounging.

She loves tummy rubs (on her terms, which usually means at 2 am), she always has to sleep touching me, and my little sweetheart is starting to warm up to people, myself included. I don’t know that she’ll ever be as snuggly as G which is OK, but she’s definitely taken the diva-ness down a notch. 🙂

Happy birthday, sweet Sophie girl!