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The water fountain, part two

I wanted to do a follow up post about the cats’ new drinking fountain. It’s wonderful! I love how it looks and sounds. It was so easy to set up, and I think cleaning will be very easy, too. There was the option to buy carbon to filter the water, but seeing as I already use a water filter, I passed on that. Still, it’s a nice option to have.

Some time back I saw a similar fountain at a pet supplies store and thought it was so cool. A friend suggested I look at Etsy, which is where I found this one. I thought they were so pretty, but I was also looking for something better for the cats. Sophie and Grizzy didn’t seem to like the water bowl by their food dishes. When I had a piano, I would sit on the couch and put a glass of water there when I watched tv. I began to notice that every time I did, the cats would try and drink out of it. Eventually I put a little bowl there, which they loved. However, they’d often splash (it was a tiny bowl), and I’ve since moved some things around.

They seemed to miss the water bowl in that spot, so I looked into options. I found this fountain and thought “Maybe that’s the way to go.” One thing I really liked about it was it’s not so large as far as height goes. Some of the ones I’ve seen at stores are pretty high, kind of shaped like pagodas. I like the shape of this one–it’s so zen-like, something I need, hehe.

I was pleased it came so quickly and set-up was a snap. Within seconds the cats were at it and drinking from it. Win! Originally I had the pump running a little faster, so the water bubbled higher, but I’ve since lowered it. I think Grizzy prefers this. When it was high, he kept trying to bite the water! Now they are both drinking from it instead of biting. 😉

As expected, there were a couple more litter balls than usual this morning. And they were bigger, too. All this is fine by me. I’m glad the cats are drinking and I’m so happy I found a fountain we all like. 🙂

Sophie had to get in the shot.

Sophie had to get in the shot.

...and then she had to have a drink.

…and then she had to have a drink.

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