The Rosie Bee

Starring Grizzy and Sophie

Slim G

Grizzy continues to do well after his scary weight loss earlier this year. He’s still slim, but he’s maintained a steady weight, which to me is the most important thing. (The vet said his weight is fine.) Last night he had a very, very brief coughing fit–maybe two hacks tops–so while I braced myself initially, I found myself relaxing pretty quickly.

Sophie photobombs Lean G.

Sophie photobombs Lean G.

One thing I did do was change his litter. Trust me, I am kicking myself for not doing this earlier because within a week of changing the litter he had a ton more energy. His activity levels are now through the roof! He still has his rest periods, but his active periods are much longer and livelier than they’d been in months. Also, I’ve noticed his fur has become considerably softer.

Again, why I didn’t change the litter right away, I don’t know. I have this idea that I asked one of the vets if that could be the problem but they said not, but of course I could be remembering wrong.

At any rate, I tried two different litters and both seemed to work well. Both cats use them without issue. There is no dust, which is awesome for me. It wasn’t until I switched litters that I realized how dusty they could be!

Currently G is running around chasing Sophie. I think he might overwhelm her sometimes, because when he’s active he’s really active! She seems to retreat a bit more, but she still enjoys playtime, too. I ordered some cat shelves for them, and I know Sophie especially likes to be up high, so maybe that will help, too. 🙂


A quiet evening

It’s been a long day, but a good day. This week flew by. I’ve spent a lot of time with the mister and the little miss. I never fail to squee over her little legs and feet.

Sophie feet.

Sophie feet.

A moment before I got that shot her legs were crossed at the ankle! Next time.

In G health news, I’m pretty worried. Yesterday he was 8.2, today he was 8.0. I’ve tried a bunch of probiotics and will be trying a few more. The vet said there may be a blockage, but things are going in and coming out just fine, so I don’t know if it’d be worth the stress (for both him and me) to have a scope put down him. Thoughts?

He’s still eating about a half-can of the small cat food cans at dinner, and maybe a quarter to a half in the morning. Different varieties. I’ve been leaving Logic dry cat food out and I’ve seen him eating that, too.

I’m baffled. I’m not trying to sound morbid, but if he’s not meant to be here for years and years, well, that would SUCK to put it mildly (can’t say much more or I’ll really start bawling). But if that’s the case, I want him to be comfortable. I just wish I could fix him! I don’t know if it’s something I fed him, or it’s something he ate (like part of a toy) or what. I could drive myself mad wondering about all the possibilities. So instead I’ll look at him propped up on “his” cushion. He’s currently grooming himself in preparation for a nice nap. Oh, Grizzy, I love you so. Why are you losing weight? 😦


Where does the time go?

I can’t believe it’s almost August! This whole year has been quite the whirlwind. Getting back to life after graduating last December. Then being approached with a new job opportunity. Having that stretch out for about three months. Grizzy losing weight…and losing more weight. So many vet visits! And now it’s almost August. The time has flown by.

I’ve been settled into my new position for an entire month now. I love the team I work with and I love what I do. Unfortunately, there are some murmurings of more changes (Sigh. Is this the new normal for organizations??), but I’m trying to stay positive and focus on the great things, like my team and my work :).

My sweethearts.

My sweethearts.

When I last posted here I mentioned Grizzy and the new diet. You may have heard the choir of angels singing a week or so ago? That was because the G-man ate the vet-approved can food! No, it wasn’t the raw; however, the vet approved Logic brand food. She said it would be a good transitional step toward raw food. I just about fell over when he ate it, but he did! The transition to raw continues, but having him eat the Logic and another brand (I forget it off-hand and I’m too lazy to look. Nature’s Variety, maybe?), gave me a lot of encouragement.

G is still skinny, but he’s been staying stable at 8.4 pounds. The vet said while this is on the slim side of normal, it is still OK. “He might just be a skinny cat.” My goals right now are to continue the transition to raw, get G to gain a little weight, and keep both kitties happy.

I think G is slightly less active, but that could be the heat. Do your cats tend to eat less and rest more in the hot weather? I’ve wondered that for some time. Both my furkids are plenty active but it does seem as though they’ve slowed down a bit. (As have I, haha. This past weekend I was so flippin’ tired!!)

That’s about it for now. Have a great week! 🙂


Grizzy vet update – Holistic vet

Today I took Grizzy to the holistic vet. It was a very good experience overall. She confirmed that the tests I had run at the other vet made sense; yes it was a lot of money, but it was necessary to have them done to rule out certain things.

She did a physical exam of G. He’s down even more weight 😦 but everything else was fine. Coat was soft and shiny, eyes bright, etc. She spent a long time talking with me–close to an hour. The whole time G wandered around the room and rubbed up against everything.



She said there are a few options/tests that we could run (e.g., a GI panel to rule out IBD). However, she wants to start conservatively, which means both G and Sophie are transitioning to a raw diet. This is a logical first step, as G had various parasites before and when I adopted him. The vet pointed out he could have residual GI issues from the tapeworm, too, which others have noted.

G will also get probiotics for a time. Once he is on the raw diet, I’m supposed to add some fish oil. I’m supposed to weigh him once a week and then follow up in a month.

She did note that it could take up to three months to transition to raw. I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous. I’m so scared he’ll be one of those cats that refuses to eat and then he’ll lose even more weight and ahh!! But I agree that raw is the way to go. My personal doctor is very into diet, and I know how it affects me, and the more I read about the food industry, well…suffice to say, I think everyone’s optimal diet looks different. But I also think there is at least one common denominator: a lack of processed ingredients.

One thing about the visit that I found especially interesting and actually overlaps into my own personal health is essential oils. Now, normally I’d see a display and think “Oh, lordie, they’re going to try and sell me everything under the sun.” But she mentioned the oils almost as an afterthought, as we walked past a diffuser on the way out. Already I’d been interested, as a friend of mine who has battled some pretty major health issues used essential oils to good effect. (I like them, too, but I haven’t delved into which ones do what. I’ve only scratched the surface.) Long story short, I blurted that things have been pretty stressful for me lately, could that have had an effect on G? She smiled and nodded. I said I’d been pretty stressed to the extent of having nightmares probably 32 of the last 33 days. (They’ve been of varying degrees of nightmares. Not the worst I’ve had by any means, some have been more unsettling than scary, but they’re never fun.)

She suggested a couple oils that I could diffuse. I ended up buying some and a diffuser for a few reasons: I can’t burn candles, as Sophie will get right up in them; I think it might help G; I think it might help me. So win-win. Although man, I feel like I’m hemorrhaging money lately. But health is something I’m willing to fork over the money for. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and all that.

(On a money note, good news! It appears my computer issues were due to a malfunctioning mouse! How great is it it when something that could potentially cost $500-700 ends up being a $10 fix? I’ll take it!)

I’m sure I’m missing a million things, but I have lots of notes. I will definitely be reading up on things more this weekend.

OH! And naturally I couldn’t get a stool sample from him before we went…and as soon as we got home, he went. I’ll be dropping that off tomorrow (no pun intended). However, since his last sample came back negative and he always has Tootsie rolls, I’m not too worried. Although I think the new diet should help. Fingers crossed!


A lesson from the cats

Lately I feel like there’s been so much going on, and there has been a lot. Some of it I can control, some of it I can’t. Thankfully, some things seem to be working themselves out. For example, I think my computer problems might actually be *mouse* problems and not computer problems! I’m getting settled into my new job and I’m quite liking it. And while Grizzy is still worrying me with his weight loss, he’s continued to be active, eat (albeit not much), and his fur is shiny and soft. This gives me hope that surely whatever issues he’s having can be fixed. I ended up giving him the tapeworm pill, but I also scheduled an appointment with the holistic vet for next week. As my mom says, “You wouldn’t think twice to get a second opinion for yourself or your child! Why not your cat?” Wise words indeed. 🙂

Still, I find myself spread thin this week. I keep looking forward to Saturday afternoon when the craziness should be over. But what I should be looking at is Sophie:

Sophie chillin'

Sophie chillin’

Look at her, just chillin’ out, enjoying the breeze and the critters that are running around outside. She’s made sure to surround herself with some of her favorite toys. This is what I–and I think we all–need to do, especially when life gets really busy. Grab something you enjoy, get some fresh air, and just chill out and enjoy the little things in life.

PS: That massive pile of seeds is from the birds knocking it down, out of their feeder. I’ve been meaning to sweep it up, but every time I get set to do it, it’s either raining or has just rained, so it’s a big ol’ pile of mush.


One of those months

I had this whole post typed up and my computer—which is one of the woes I was lamenting—ate it all. In short, it’s been one of those months. In no particular order:

  • I need new brakes
  • I need a new computer (Things delete, suddenly everything’s centered, all sorts of fun like that. I’ve tried a defrag and all that good stuff—I think I need to get a new one before it decides to just die and take everything with it)
  • I had to see my doctor, which means crazy out-of-pocket expenses
  • My camera is going
  • Family drama
  • Grizzy’s health issues

    That probably isn’t all of it, but it’ll do. 🙂 Long story short, I feel like I’m hemorrhaging money, which is an awful feeling. But the worst part is Grizzy is not his normal self, and that’s where so much of the money went. That money isn’t money I’m necessary happy to spend, because it means he’s not feeling good and I want him feeling great, but I’m more than willing to spend it if we can get to the bottom of what is going on.

    My handsome, sweet. loving boy.

    My handsome, sweet. loving boy.

    Almost $1K worth of testing showed that G is negative for everything. Edited to add: In my original post, which my computer ate, I noted that this is great news! No heart worms, no FIP (pfft, way to scare me vet), no upper respiratory infection, no thyroid issues…so this is very good. I have the option of giving him another tapeworm pill, but I held off after talking to the vet last time. It just doesn’t seem necessary at this point—I feel like we’re just throwing random things at a problem we don’t really have defined. But maybe I should get it?

    He’s still skinny, but he’s still very active and he does eat a little bit. Tomorrow I’m calling a holistic vet to see if maybe he simply needs supplements and/or a diet change. I’ve been introducing him and Sophie to raw (they give it two paws down), but I know that can be a process, so I’m willing to give it time and practice.

    Whew. The year is halfway over. I’m hoping it’s up from here on out. 🙂


    Quick Grizzy update

    I took Grizzy to the vet last week after he had a coughing/wheezing fit the night before. I spoke with the vet yesterday. Evidently, Grizzy is proving to be an interesting case. Negative for heart worm, but now positive for feline leukemia. However, there’s a chance this could be a false positive, as he was negative last month; they are running one more test–I think it’s the ELISA–to confirm. Depending on what that shows, we’ll determine next steps. His sugars are also consistently low, which could be Addison’s. But one thing at a time. All other lab work was identical to last month’s results.

    Of course, last night he started sneezing. I thought maybe it was because I had vacuumed yesterday and then put on the air conditioning. I turned the AC off. Today he’s been sneezing again, though there is no discharge and he doesn’t have watery eyes. He’s also been extremely active, both last night and this morning.

    If the sneezing gets worse today, I’ll call the vet. Otherwise, I’m giving her a call tomorrow.

    I’m trying really hard not to freak out, but this whole thing is so upsetting. I don’t know what I’d do if I were to lose him. And Sophie…she would miss him so much. But I’m trying to stay positive (really!). It’s not FIP, which I expected, but it’s nice to hear both the lab and the vet say “Yeah, chances of it being FIP are slim to none.” It’s not heartworm. I’m praying it’s not feline leukemia, but I’m also praying we figure out what is wrong so we can fix it. Stress, stress, stress…my poor G! 😦


    Took the Mr. to the vet today

    Grizzy had a coughing fit last night, and he’s been steadily losing weight (he’s down 2.125 ounces since May). Given those things and a gut feeling, I decided to take him to the vet today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the blood work shows a definitive answer of *something*, so we can solidify a plan and get him feeling 100% again. His general symptoms are weight loss, lack of appetite, the coughing fits, and maybe a smidge less active than usual. Of course, as a cat mom, I really notice how bony he is. :/ When I pet his back, all I feel are bumps it seems. It’s all so odd, because his fur is shiny, eyes are bright, he does eat and he is active…it’s hard, because I want so badly for him to be feeling great again.

    Anyhow, Grizzy is terrified of the carrier. Both carriers, actually. But look who found a cozy home in it?
    photo 1(3)

    She went into it immediately. I got her out and started to put Grizzy in, and Sophie literally *jumped* into it! Now that it’s in the living room, she’s been walking in and out of it all night.

    And here is the mister, tuckered out from his vet visit:
    photo 2(2)

    That picture breaks my heart, because he looks so small. It reminds me of when I first got him (almost a year ago!) and he had all the issues with ear mites and the infamous tapeworm. He was getting so skinny back then, and I was so afraid I’d lose him. It’s upsetting to be back in that uncertain territory again…I feel so helpless. I want my baby to be OK! But we should get most, if not all, the test results tomorrow, so paws are crossed and prayers are going up that they show something definitive. And then we can get to making him feel better.


    Happy Tuesday!

    Whew, it’s been a heckuva day. I got a call from the vet about Grizzy’s last test: he tested positive for exposure to coronavirus. Cue me freaking out thinking he’s going to die. Wait, cue me being very concerned, then going a quick Google search, and then being absolutely *positive* he was going to die. :p I swear, Google breeds Chicken Littles. (To add to things, last year a kitten of my mom’s died of what was most likely FIP, so naturally my mind went there, as that was my only, albeit brief, knowledge of FIP.)

    Long story short, I am no longer freaking out. All other signs point to him being a healthy, fit kitty, so I’m going to focus on that. Feed him good food, weigh him once a week for a while, love him like crazy, and try and not let my mind go crazy with “What if’s.”

    Now, what about Miss Sophie?

    Fuzzy feet!

    Fuzzy feet!

    Ta-da! The little miss has taken to flopping down and rolling over to I can properly rub her belly. I love how she lays there with her feet hanging out all crazy like. And I LOVE those little foot-fur tufts! It never fails to make me squee when I see that on long-haired kitties.

    It’s a good night. 🙂


    Grizzy vet update

    Grizzy takes his squirrel watching very seriously.

    Grizzy takes his squirrel watching very seriously.

    I took Grizzy to the vet Saturday for weight loss; today I got (most of) the results. He’s healthy! I’m awaiting the results of one more viral test, but it seems unlikely that it’ll come up as positive.

    I’m glad…and going forward, I’ll keep weighing him. If his weight stays where it’s at, I’ll be OK with that, as technically he’s not underweight (although he is slim). I’m glad I had him checked out, though, if only to ease my mind. And if it goes down, well, then it’s time for X-rays. But I’m knocking on wood that that won’t happen!

    I’m also trying to tempt him with new food–probably a few more carbs could help, too (thank you, Connie!). He’s never been a big eater, but if I can get him to plump up even a couple ounces, I’ll be happy. Of course, I think of what one of the vet techs said: “He’s so fit!” I had to chuckle, because I imagine they see some adorably pudgy pets. (It’s like chubby babies–who can resist?)

    So all’s good for now; thank you for your purrs and prayers!

    PS: We’re currently having thunderstorms here. Not too long ago I got a LOUD text message warning me about flash floods. Keep in mind I’m in my house. I was like, “What am I supposed to do? Go upstairs?” LOL!!